Mark Von Schlegell and Chris Kraus in conversation

April 26, 2015
  • Mark von Schlegell reading and conversation with Chris Kraus

    As part of the Los Angeles booklaunch for Mark von Schlegell’s Sundogz, Mark gave a reading at 356 Mission/Ooga Booga #2. A discussion between Chris Kraus and Mark followed the reading. April 26, 2015

  • Please join us to celebrate the release of Animal Shelter #4 and Mark Von Schlegell’s new novel Sundogz with a reading & Conversation between Mark Von Schlegell and Chris Kraus and a screening.

    Edited by Hedi El Kholti and Robert Dewhurst, Animal Shelter #4 expands on Franco Berardi’s ideas about poetry and finance, described in The Uprising.  Anchored by issues of love, economics and sex, the issue includes contributions by Jackie Wang, Alain Badiou, Ann Rower, Maurizio Lazzarato, Thomas Gokey of Rolling Jubilee, Dana Ward, Candice Lin, Tony Duvert, Bradford Nordeen, Dorothea Lasky, Lisa Cohen, Kate Zambreno, Marie Buck, Gary Indiana and others…

    Mark von Schlegell will read from his new novel Sundogz, third in his visionary System Series, and discuss this decade-long work with Semiotext(e) co-editor Chris Kraus.  Can the imagination survive in the off-world colonies established in the 22nd and 23rd centuries?  Beyond the reach of the System, a group of astro-marine spacers have created a secret aquatic world among the water-rich moons of Uranus. Schlegell’s work swirls through American realism, Elizabethan ontologies, pulp and fantasy fiction to describe modes of control and resistance not far from our own.

    Mark von Schlegell is a frequent contributor to Mousse, Frieze, TZK and other art magazines.  His books are published in Germany by Merve Verlag and Sternberg, and by Semiotext(e) in the US.  Before leaving LA for Cologne in 2009, he founded the influential gossip-art-lit-transcendentalist ‘zine The Rambler at the Art Center library, where he then worked.  His Pure Fiction seminar at the Frankfurt Staedelschule is informally known as ‘the new church.’


    Sunday, April 26 at 7 PM

    Ooga Twooga
    356 S. Mission Road
    Los Angeles California


    The Los Angeles Review of Books published a transcript of this conversation, which can be found HERE (click to view)

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