Book of Lies

July 11 – July 12, 2015
  • Book of Lies

    at 356 S. Mission Road

    Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12th  



    Eugenia P. Butler (1947-2008) was a Los Angeles-based artist who played a formative but often overlooked role in the inception of American Conceptual art. Book of Lies is her collaborative project with works by seventy-six contributing artists. Presented in conjunction with “Let Power Take A Female Form” on view at The Box, Los Angeles, from June 27 – August 8, for Book of Lies at 356 S. Mission Road, Corazon del Sol, an artist and the granddaughter of Eugenia P. Butler, will be speaking about the work and sharing anecdotes about its creation. Multiple copies of the Book of Lies will be available to handle and explore.

    Each volume is a work of art unto itself that developed from the process of creating it, from the individual works themselves and from the relationships between the parts and the whole. At a certain point a bigger vision broke through – something beyond previous understandings – surpassing the initial ideas to become a singular artwork consisting of discrete and powerful works of art. Its subject matter is truth, lies, and the intimate power of a true work of art.  — Eugenia P. Butler

    Artists: Kim Ables, Lisa Adams, Robert Aitchison, Lita Albuqurque, Lynn Aldrich, Edgar Arceneaux, Eve Aschheim, Rod Baer, Biljana Bakaluca, Rita Barnes, Deanne Belinoff, Mirella Bentivoglio, Eugenia P. Butler, Theresa Chong, James Cobb, Ed Colver, Geoganne Deen, Steve DeGroodt, Corazon del Sol, Chiara Diamantini, Bronislava Dubner, Sally Elesby, Garth Erasmus, Sam Erenberg, George Evans, Meghan Ferrill, Lidia Fiabane, Janet Fitch, Xavier Fumat, Jill Giegerich, Allan Graham (a.k.a. Toadhouse), Gloria Graham, Elizabeth Grier, Marvin Harden, Marcel Hardung, Richard Haxton, Mary Beth Heffernan, Kady Hoffman, Diana Jacobs, Milt Jewell, Joan Jonas, Kim Jones, Seth Kaufman, Stephan Koehler, Rita Kondrup, Adophe Lechtenberg, Penelope Lee, Julia Lohmann, Tom Marioni, Kim McCarty, Michael McMillen, Jim Melchert, Gisella Meo, Gertrude Moser-Wagner, John David O’Brien, Minoru Ohira, John Outterbridge, Beverly Piersol, Maria Porges, Mary Rakow, Peter Reading, Ann Reiniger, Lala Rukh, Rhonda Saboff, Barry Sanders, Melissa Smedley, Eve Sonneman, Arthur Sze, Ilkka Juhani Takalo-Eskola, Matthew Thomas, Jenny Watson, Benji Whalen, Bruce Whiteman, William Wiley, Madam X, Maria Jose Zamora, and Daisy Zamora.

    Image Credit: Lita Albuquerque, from The Book of Lies

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