Cadavere Telephone: X-TRA and Cadavere Quotidiano launch party

April 26, 2014
  • Cadavere Telephone

    a reception for the Spring issue of X-TRA and Cadavere Quotidiano

    Saturday April 26, 2014
    4 – 6 pm
    at 356 Mission

    Refreshments and stories of cadavers will be served.

    Join us to celebrate the Spring issue of X-TRA and the L.A. launch of Cadavere Quotidiano.
    Surrounded by the Alex Katz paintings in the gallery of 356 Mission, we’ll present the stories from Cadavere in a unique format.

    Jesse Benson
    Zoe Crosher
    Alex Cecchetti
    Patricia Fernandez
    Jeff Khonsary
    Ben Lord
    Shana Lutker
    Joseph Mosconi
    Suzy Newbury
    Scott Oshima
    Kim Schoen
    Clarissa Tossin
    Mark Verabioff
    Brica Wilcox
    . . . and other special guests!

    Cadavere Quotidiano presents work from thirty writers and artists preoccupied with the lumbering nature of the object and its relation to the written word. Conceived and organized by Paul Becker, Alex Cecchetti and Francesco Pedraglio, the first Project X Project paperback!

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