Eric VVysokan: “REBREATHER” at The Vanity East

November 13, 2016 – January 8, 2017
  • Worldwide pasts follow the circulation of the energy cycle, released from shale reserves, exhaled into the global trade winds and return to ground by way of photosynthesis. Climate is a great atmospheric oil spill of chronic thermogenesis – episodic geology erupts into a super volcano of history’s ashes swirling through. Presently – vapes, iphones, facebook, space-x, mars, clintons, mesozoic, opec, pangaea, dapl, siri, kratom, amazon, darwin, solar-city, y-combinator, paleo, singularity university…, … – all ages are overhead.

    A contingency plan to sequester atmospheric histories: Creamright ultra-purewhip nitrous oxide and sparxx plasma converts to nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen dioxide with cowboy cap water vapor to nitric acid, nitric acid with silver tea service to silver nitrate, water with wood ash fertilizer to sodium hydroxide, silver nitrate with sodium hydroxide to silver oxide, silver-oxide with atmospheric carbon dioxide to silver-carbonate.

    – From The Vanity East press release


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