Sam Anderson: Grandfather Clock at The Vanity East

January 30 – March 7, 2015
  • Sam Anderson: Grandfather Clock

    Documentation of the installation at The Vanity East, located inside of 356 Mission

  • The time of the Grandfather Clock is consistent and circular. Its chimes ring reliably every fifteen minutes, every hour. The ticking of the clock makes the passing of time graspable; its indestructible mechanic rhythm is comforting. You can finally sleep. Time flows vague and tangible, washing around the memory.

    “And when the wolf was inside they saw it was the wolf, and they were terrified and tried to hide themselves. One ran under the table, the second got into the bed, the third into the oven, the fourth in the kitchen, the fifth in the cupboard, the sixth under the sink, the seventh in the clock-case. But the wolf found them all, and gave them short shrift; one after the other he swallowed down, all but the youngest, who was hid in the clock-case. And so the wolf, having got what he wanted, strolled forth into the green meadows, and laying himself down under a tree, he fell asleep.” (Brothers Grimm (1812-15): The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids)

    12 The elevator is broken, you’ll need to use the steps.

    1 What memories cling around the instruments of our pleasure!

    2 How excellent you must once have been to have left behind such fine remains.

    3 Jesus: meet me behind the chapel at 3 o’clock. I will be burning, burning, burning, yeah! Burning, burning, burning money there.

    4 If you want to teach kids to lie, read them Pinocchio.

    5 Where people are promising a lot to you, remember: bring a small basket.

    6 She who digs a trap for others ends up in the trap herself.

    7 The early bird catches the worm, but the early worm is devoured by birds. You decide.

    8 Big dog, big shit. Big dog, big shit. Big dog, big shit. Big dog, big shit.

    9 There’s no fire without smoke. There’s no fire without smoke. There’s no fire without smoke. There’s no fire without smoke!

    10 The dream has gone, but the baby is real.

    11 I bothered to open up the book and it was the very definition of death.

    Sound by Sam Anderson and Pete Cafarella

    The Vanity presents “Grandfather Clock” by Sam Anderson, first shown at Between Arrival & Departure.

    Jan 30th-March 8th, 2015 Reception Jan 30th 7pm-9pm



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